Teen's Program

Full Throttle is a program just for teens. At Full Throttle, every message is designed to impact teenagers right where they live; with the issues and struggles they face every day.


Full Throttle is an extension of the RU Recovery Program aimed at teenagers. At Full Throttle, every message is designed to impact teenagers right where they live by covering issues and struggles they face every day. Valuable life lessons are taught with principles like leadership, teamwork, and friendship.

Full Throttle has a unique program structure that breeds competition and camaraderie. Each week the teams are selected at the start of the night; however, the captains remain the same throughout the year. There are no rules as to how many can be on one team.


Teens today are facing more difficult life issues than ever before. Full Throttle offers twenty-six topics of practical issues teens are facing, giving them biblical principles to follow and apply to their lives. Some of the areas we cover include peer pressure, dating, family relationships, Biblical sexual ethics, drug and alcohol use, self-destructive behavior, and life choices.

RU Kidz Club

Coming soon! Kids club

Kids Club is an exciting program for the children of parents or guardians who come to the ministry of RU. While the parents are attending their Friday night meeting, the children meet under the guidance of highly-trained adults to interact and work the “Kids” version of the RU curriculum.

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Do you or someone you know struggling with a horrible addiction? Is this addiction controlling and destroying your life? If so, please don’t pass up this opportunity to join us this Friday night to learn about the Truth that will make you free.

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