RU Plus Program

Support & Care for the Functioning Addict


RU Plus is an extension of RU Recovery Program which is designed to provided support and care for the functioning addict.

Court Accredited

Court Accredited

RU Plus is an accepted program for fulfilling court-ordered conditions of probation.

Family Support

Family Support

Addiction affects the whole family. We provide classes and mentoring for all ages.

Workplace Support

Workplace Support

If addiction has caused performance issues at work, RU Plus can help.


We serve as an agent to build strong partnerships between you and all advocates of your recovery whether it be in the judicial system, legal arena, or business sector. Together, we can help you find recovery by collectively using our areas of expertise, influence, and resource.

  • Restore Personal Hope
  • Elevate Structure and Accountability
  • Establish Long-Term Success

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